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Remote workshop tool + company knowledge base. Let your workshops feed your knowledge and your knowledge feed your workshops. No more trapped data. No more workaround integrations. Transform your expertise into a reusable asset today!


No More Painful Remote Workshops!

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Digitize Client Workshops & Collect Better Data

Say goodbye to clunky excel forms or dreadful weeks-long assessments and hello to quick & fun digital workshops. It's time to put your best foot forward during client engagements by upgrading your approach with a toolkit that's modern, professional, and most of all — effective. Spend some time creating the workshop of your dreams and then reuse it indefinitely as a template.

“87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry, but only 44% are prepared for potential digital disruption."
— (Deloitte)

Build Workspaces & Cultivate Connections

Like a digital war room littered with post-its on brown paper walls & whiteboards brimming with insights, Amble provides teams with a centralized location for staying organized and closing deals. Skip the screenshots & low quality whiteboard pictures. Search, filter, and extract data regardless of when or where it was submitted. Overtime, the system will make "smart suggestions" based on keywords and connections.

"Communication tools (74%), remote work tools (74%), and collaboration tools (67%) are the most likely to be cited as important prerequisites for employees to be efficient."

— (Harvard Business Review)

Share Seamlessly & Create Breakthrough Innovation

Explore connections between seemingly unrelated concepts & embrace the exhilarating rush of an innovative breakthrough. Optimize knowledge sharing by passively creating a company brain that gets smarter with every use. Stop reinventing the wheel. Learn digital trends, capture ideas for solutions, solve pain points. Rinse, wash & repeat.

“Creativity is just connecting things.”
— (Steve Jobs, Apple)

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420 Concepts
690 Connections
3 Team Members
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10k Concepts
20k Connections
4+ Team Members
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With Amble You'll Be Able To:

Collect Concepts

Facilitate powerful digital workshops that help you better understand your clients' specific pain points so that you can identify goals and areas for improvement.

Connect Insights

Collectively build out project workspaces with your team while also spotting connections between trends, solutions, and problems that lead to innovative breakthroughs.

Create Solutions

Solve new problems with old solutions by optimizing your stored data to leverage a company knowledge base that gets exponentially smarter with every project.

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About Us

Over the past several years, we've helped multiple global enterprises embark on their digital transformation journeys. After becoming frustrated by the lack of a purpose-built tool for this type of work, we decided to try and do something about it. What we needed was a toolkit that could connect our ideas and propel our clients forward. This initial seedling for a product grew into the powerful solution you see today. Now our mission is to empower other innovators with the tools they need to solve the problems they're passionate about.

Tyler Dreher - Founder

Adventure-loving technology enthusiast. Driven by creativity & exploration.

"Dream it, build it, SEND IT."

Zach Slessman - Senior Developer

Passion for people, products & problem-solving. Energized by execution.

"Amble to ze moon."

Mitch Pousson - Product Marketer

Avid runner, reader & writer. Pursuing innovative ideas and poignant prose.

"It's all about the follow-through."